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We'll be in grocery stores before you  know it! For now, we offer both delivery & pick-up services for the Chicagoland area.
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Buy with confidence! We are 100% insured & state certified in food safety & sanitation.
We fear that parents confuse the term "organic" by assuming that when seeing it on a label, the product is rich in nutrients, free of pesticides and chemicals, and completely safe for their tiny human.  Please know that this common misconception is far from accurate.  These "organic" foods are diluted produce items with water & filling starches being the main ingredient.  

Additionally, please know that although they may be organic in origin, their baby food is made out of grocery store rejects... it's not good enough for the store to sell, but apparently it's good enough for our children to eat?  By the time the organic produce makes its way to the shelf, it's nutritional value is almost null from processing.  When is the last time you left an apple on your counter & ate it a year later???  

Lastly, the bottom line is that there is a margin for error when mass producing any product.  Bearing that in mind, who knows the true condition of the factories baby food is being made in, the caliber of employee being entrusted with working with your child's food, the cleanliness of the equipment, etc.  All of these variables allow for a large margin for error, hence the recalls that we hear about so often.  OrgaNums' recipes are 99% produce/meat/poultry item, (using water or juice only for cooking/steaming purposes), and frozen so that they retain their quality and precious nutrients rather than sitting on a shelf.